Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Potent and Impotent

Things have quieted down on the local front, ever since the Underground went underground. Police Commission meetings have gotten so tedious I’ve opted out of them the last two months. What can I say? Times are busy. Other obligations arise. My life has lately been consumed by real politics, work, and the fall season premiers of my favorite television shows. Oh yes. It’s a strange time in life when your favorite actor on tv is a presumed dead member of the mongoose family.

In the neighboring town of Buckville, they’re about to make the same mistake we made last year in Broken Springs. The school board is negotiating a contract with Laidlow Inc., a private company originally from Canada which will bust up the driver and custodial unions and therefore save the school precious dinero. This is much preferred to cutting the pork out of the budget for the higher ups on the totem pole. If anyone cares enough about the safety and well being of local children, they might want to attend the school board meetings next month on the 13th and 20th in Bucktown. They got the guns but we got the numbers, as a long dark haired beauty once sang…

Our local pols and pol wannabes got down and dirty recently at the League of Lady Voters sponsored debate. I believe all the candidates officially came out against trash (bold of them, no?) but the trash I’m interested in removing from the state currently resides in office.

Speaking of unnecessary pork, Neo Nitzi was the only candidate to publicly support privatization if it saves the school districts money. This is just a hunch, but I’m guessin’ the little Neo Nitzis in his family are all home schooled. Newsflash to Mr. Oink: Privatization is always cheaper, at least to begin with. But no one seriously should consider going to the prom wearing a halter top bought at Walmart.

Do yourself a favor. Get familiar with this issue. Privatization is unfortunately becoming the new American way of life, but at what cost?

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Downward and backward!

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