Thursday, November 02, 2006

Close to home

Attention all readers:
Please be sure to watch Friday's episode of Dr. Phil (5PM CBS). The story should hit close to home. From the Dr. Phil website:

Shocking Accusations
Bonii, a desperate grandmother sent Dr. Phil a video showing how her 3-year-old granddaughter, Kaylee, hysterically reacts when she leaves and returns from visits with her father, Jeremy. Bonii and her daughter Krista, Kaylee's mom, are accusing Jeremy of molesting Kaylee for the last year. Jeremy says he's innocent, and Bonii and Krista are coaching Kaylee to say bad things about him. Both sides bring video to prove their point. What does Dr. Phil think of the parents' actions? In a dramatic move, he calls a time out during the middle of the show to have one-on-one converstaions with each parent. Are Jeremy and Krista being honest with Dr. Phil? They agree to be put to the test. Dr. Phil vows to find out the truth, and make sure Kaylee has a safe home.

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1 comment:

superman said...

Was a very interesting episode. Very telling.

I can see Dr. Phil is going to leave no stone unturned. He's going to make sure he gets to the bottom of it.

They will be on Monday and Tuesday as well, and I believe there's more to come after that.