Friday, March 09, 2007

Kritics Wrong Again

Dear Editor,
The Kingston Kritics are at it again, this time raising a stink over a so called phony police policy manual that our hard working and dedicated police chief turned over in response to an intrusive and unnecessary FOIA request. Will these people never shut up? I bet they’d even complain if Chief Kingston washed their cars and vacuumed their floormats. And they need it, trust me. I’ve seen their floormats.

Turning over the policy manual like he did is just another illustration of how dedicated and hard working Chief Kingston is to Broken Springs. Rather than admit there is no Township approved policy in existence, he took the matter into his own hands like a leader would. Committed to abiding by the public’s every whim, including those people who constantly criticize and ridicule him, he gave one of his “bosses” what was requested within an adequate amount of time. Does a pupil get in trouble for handing in their homework on time? No. Nor should he.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying to yourself that a pupil should get in trouble for handing in someone else’s homework, or homework they copied from someone else, at the very least. But let me remind you again how difficult it is to put together a police manual. Doing all the work himself would’ve taken him off of Broken Springs very dangerous streets. Thank God Chief Kingston has the good sense to keep his priorities straight.

Buzz Alcrutch

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