Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Dear Editor,

Why are we determined to teach the children of today that questioning authority is actually tolerable? It seems as if every Josef, Hermann, and Adolf today now believes that questioning anything is not "verboten!"

Personally, I really didn't care exactly in what Kaiserkeller our "boys in black" had their sauerkraut, nor did I care exactly where it was that they were "training" for their "missions."

My Bavarian community was one of the safest: no coloreds, Jews, or other inferiors to kick aside on the way to work at the lampshade factory. Mein Gott, you couldn't even look towards the "camp" outside of town and see any "troublemakers!" Those were the good ol' days...

I challenge you troublemakers and undesirables to stand in the ranks of the "boys in black" for a week...see how difficult it is to continually shoot, torture, maim, and otherwise "police the Reich"...see if YOU don't crack from the strain!

Mein vater served with the Reichswehr for a lonk time... I vas brought up with a different kind of respect for the jackboot than you questioners...I vas taught dat no disrespect for the "boys in black" was allowed...ACHTUNG!!! You people who complain about people like these ought to be happier than Goering at an all-you-can-eat buffet that your streets are free of undesirables!

As for Policenfuhrer Kingston, hey, he isn't Hitler, but who is? Your sector of the Reich should be happier than Goebbels in a cathouse that he is doing such a fine job of policing your area. Those who complain should get a real job in a "camp," a hobby (such as tearing out gold teeth), or someting else to occupy your time. Myself, I'm knitting a shawl for our brave, overworked souls at Treblinka. (Hope this helps!)

Our "boys in black" haf enough to deal with in their duties witout these complainers/undesirables. Quit living in glass houzes (or, at least exercise if you choose to live in them) and trowing stones; someone might lob a morter shell your way!

Again, I vant to trow a "shout out" to my "homies" in black. Oh, I jusht made a "schwartz" joke! I hope that I get a medal from my Gausleiter!!!

Enouf vit the troublemakers! Respect is mandatory! ACHTUNG!!!

Ilsa Chowder

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