Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Potent and Impotent

Random observations, petty opinions, and interesting tidbits about Broken Springs by your favorite small potatoes editor.

Over the weekend, a neighbor of Ron Jeppart installed an outside bathroom with a lifetime supply of toilet paper hanging from their trees. It looks a little strange from afar but who knows, they might be onto something.

Coyote’s Watering Hole recently tore down their decades old sign and replaced it with a sharp looking canopy style awning. Too bad the inside of the place doesn’t look half as good.

NFBS now has had over thirteen hundred visitors in the five short months it’s been online. Many of these visits are from return readers, judging from the reoccurring IPs on the site stat page. Love us or hate us, you still read us. So thank you, regular reader. Keep coming back. Because, as we all know, there’s never a dull moment in Broken Springs.

A big congrats to the Broken Springs football team, who has only lost once so far this year. Unfortunately it was the game that was televised on Channel 46. Here’s hoping all the other BS sports teams (including and especially the girls) get half as much media coverage. Go Green!

We at NFBS don’t really give a flying rat’s arse exactly how long Daniel Shame was playing with his little boy toys out in Broken Township. Though he’s admitted his wrongdoing, and even paid back the BS taxpayer a half hour of his overtime, the police commission seems to chalk it up as just a mistake.

Everyone in Broken Springs is guilty of making mistakes. After all, we all live here.

Making mistakes is an epidemic in this small town community, from retractions in the local brag rag, to the Police Chief himself, who’s made more mistakes than Carter’s had liver pills. It’s practically contagious. Don’t sneeze, Daniel Shame. We don’t want to catch what you have.

Think of the group that likes pointing out mistakes, especially around election time, as a wad of Kleenex, trapping all the snot so that the germs don’t infect others in this relatively ignorant yet innocent community.


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