Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kingston crusaders should give up free speech


Barbara KaLay’s recent letter to the editor about Broken Springs Chief Jim Kingston, which criticized his handling of the Christmas Care Bear charity and donations for the inevitable Tasers, was so much of a disgrace, I vomited a little in my mouth when I read it. Doesn’t she read all the letters to the editor that declare Kingston the next Lord and Savior?

If a citizen were accused, investigated, and cleared because nothing can be proven against them due to poor record keeping, the police would be chastised if they continue to harass an innocent person. Doesn’t Chief Kingston deserve the same respect of his citizens? Shouldn’t they stop trying to nail him to the cross every time he jaywalks? Why do KaLay and others continue to dwell on issues that have been swept under the rug so effectively?

Moreover, KaLay preaches from her pulpit that residents would be at all interested in hearing what she and others like her have to say. She encourages residents to follow all the scandals on a website called the Underground Reader Blog, which is a blatantly shameful website that actually spouts off devilish commentary on our sacred police department. No one should have the right to write and/or read such shameful garbage, even if we do live in America. There ought to be limits to freedom, just like our beloved President says.

This is not news. It’s a slap in the face to the men who protect and serve our community. The author(s) of these writings will drape themselves in the first amendment, but just because they have the freedom of speech doesn’t give them the freedom to be meanies.

Our officers put their lives and waistlines on the line from heinous criminals and jelly doughnuts. Just this week, a person was recklessly shooting a semi automatic weapon out of his car window while toking on a joint on his way to the elementary school playground where he planned to sell our youngsters three liters of crack cocaine. Luckily he was in a near fatal accident near Banana Valley when an Indonesian driver pulled out in front of him. Our officers had the responsibility of responding to the rescue of this individual, administering CPR while performing the Heimlich Maneuver (he swallowed his joint), after implementing the Jaws of Life to remove him from his vehicle, which moments later exploded into a billion pieces.

KaLay should be ashamed for advocating the freedom of speech on this and other obscene, satirical websites that maliciously ridicule and embarrass the Chief and his servants. I hereby call for the boycott of all atrocious, obscene, unfunny, offensive, bashing, shameful, satirical, insulting, embarrassing, and juvenile expressions of opinion on websites.

Perhaps KaLay’s time would be better spent doing charity work or fundraising, perhaps for Operation Christmas Care Bear or some other very worthwhile cause, instead of promoting the very dangerous, radical idea that anyone ought to be able to express themselves freely and without consequence.

Sharon Alexander

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