Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another Sign Controversy

After the village of Broken Springs was forced into taking a pro millage statement off the town’s welcoming sign, village officials reportedly offered a different suggestion. It’s assumed this message is to the people who made them take down the original sign in the first place.

The current statement has resulted in many BSers just shaking their heads, wondering why they live in such a small and immature town. (It certainly isn’t the low gas prices)

Despite the earlier controversy surrounding the millage signs, one of which was placed at the Public Safety building, the millage still managed to pass by over two hundred votes. But the CEFLVGPWCKHBC, (Citizens for Ethical Fiscality in Local Village Government, Particularly When Chief Kingston Has a Blank Check For Tasers) has made an official complaint with state authorities, charging a violation of election law and if it’s decided that the Village People and Township are in the wrong, it may cost the municipalities up to $40,000.

A citizen known only as Troublemaker Boob, speaking to us from behind a pink scarf and Liz Clairborne sunglasses, had this comment about the current sign. “When someone enters Broken Springs from the rear, they should be welcomed with open arms and spread legs, not with this,” he said, pointing his limp wrist at the sign above him as passersby in several vehicles threw rocks in his general direction. One made him stumble in his six inch high heels so that he almost tumbled down the hill.

In an effort to get both sides of the story, NFBS asked Mayor Jan Chaddwick about the intentions of the signs. She offered a very reasonable explanation. “A Mofo is a specific species of fish native to southwest Michigan, known for their ability to jump and fly out of the water. Last fall we had an incident when several hundred of them clogged up traffic on the bridge coming into town. So the sign is just a preventive measure to avoid a similar situation this fall.”

…proving once again that our democratically elected officials have put public interest above their own.

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