Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brokeback Springs Chapter Two

Continued from Chapter One
The criminal suspects who lived out at Brokeback Springs had vehicles entering and exiting their premises day in and day out. Shane Del Mar and Jimmy Twist worked twelve hour shifts surveying the driveway, armed with a pair of dirty binoculars and a notebook and pencil with which to record license plate numbers and car models. A week into their month long stakeout, they cut their shifts to daylight hours only, since they never could see anything in the dark anyway. The other half of the day they spent sleeping, eating, drinking, and dancing.

At first they only danced with the horses, and only after they’d drank too much tequila. Jimmy would sing a little and Shane would play his harmonica, but Shane wasn’t particularly skilled at blowing on organs, so Jimmy would often rip the harmonica away from Shane and teasingly threaten to pitch it into the fire. The younger cop would always get his instrument back, however, on the condition that he wouldn’t lay a lip on it.

Instead, he laid his lips elsewhere. Around the butts of Marlbaro Red Full Flavors. On spoonfuls of baked beans cooked over the open flame. On the aluminum cans of PBR, “a man’s beer,” as Jimmy called it. He even once laid his lips on Jimmy Twist’s cheek after Jimmy told him the story of a dog he had as a child. As he recounted how the pup had chased a squirrel into the road, only to be run over by a lime colored Volkswagon, a slow tear crept down Jimmy’s face. In a moment of brotherly compassion, Shane wiped that tear away and gave his friend and colleague a warm, soft kiss on the cheek. Neither one thought it was gay because it wasn’t. Well, maybe it was a little. But they were both drunk and a bit too stoned to think about it. To them it seemed natural as they both covered their swelling genitalia.

To be continued...

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