Monday, February 27, 2006

NFBS's Crime of the Week

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Chocolate Thunda was the case they gave me!

This week's crime of the week comes from the files of the Broken County Department of Records. At approximately 3:22 PM on Friday, December 16, 2005, a relatively unknown author by the name of Sore Throat (a.k.a. White Throat, Cut Throat, and Scratchy Throat) posted a message on a relatively unknown web site called the Broken Springs Straight Shooter.

In this Internet posting, the author accuses several news sources of ineptitude due to their inability to deliver a news story. After an investigation of the web address in question, it appears the author of this and only five other Internet postings on the web address in question, is guilty of the same crime, that is the failure to deliver news stories in a timely basis. A review of the postings reveals that the author suffers from long windedness and an addiction to the interview process. In the last posting marked Wednesday, February 1, 2005, the shady “Throat” asserts that Chief Kingston has signed a book deal, a preposterous allegation because everyone knows that the Chief‘s local public education disqualifies him from literacy.

Crime Starters is seeking the person or persons conspiring, authoring, and posting entries on the "Broken Springs Straight Shooter" blog site for failure to satirically profit from the local political times in Broken Springs. Anyone with information on this Pseudo Throat and the blog site in question is asked to sign the guest book of the "News from Broken Springs" blog site. As always, you will be given a free doughnut and we won't misspell your name!

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