Thursday, February 02, 2006

Scheister: Could've have said it better

Dear Editor,

I’d like to congratulate Mrs. Roberta Debison on her tremendous, superb, well-written, and logical letter to the editor praising that man who cannot be praised enough, Mr. Jim Kingston. Mrs. Roberta Debison could not have said it better, unless of course she was me, Mrs. Noel Scheister.

In past letters, I’ve condoned the payment of Chief (Mr. James Earl) Kingston for his WELL DESERVED vacation pay. But it seems our Police Commission - or at least the Township representatives on the commission - punish him for doing his job. Remember, it’s his job to not take vacation time, then try to weasel the Commissioners into paying him for the vacation time he didn‘t take. That is precisely what he did, what he’s paid for, or in this unfortunate case what he’s not paid for. But the township (not the village) crucifies him for being responsible enough to try to skirt commission policy. What nerve!

Issue #3: We’ve let Chief Kingston run the department exactly how he sees fit for over 30 years. Despite all of those state investigations, he’s done an excellent job. We should not interfere with his duties.

TO MR. and/or Mrs. WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Stop the vendetta and bow down before Chief Kingston like the peons you are. Be grateful that you live in a small town, safeguarded from the rest of the big dangerous world.

Noel Scheister

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