Monday, July 25, 2005

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"News from Broken Springs" is inspired by actual news in my small hometown. It was created after the June Police Commission meeting in order to draw attention in a wry and humorous way to the present issues of local politics. As the Oronoko Citizens website was created in response to the sewer issue, this site has as its central issue the current controversy surrounding the Tasers, as well as surrounding issues of the current criminal investigation of our Police Chief, not to mention the upcoming police millage.

Crucial to NFBS's beliefs is the freedom of expression, which has also been a victim locally in a number of different ways from outright censorship to the refusal to print letters to the editor in local papers. Make no mistake about it, though NFBS may laugh about the issues, the reality here is no laughing matter. That is why we encourage everyone to vote NO on the police millage August 2nd. Another mill would tax individuals approximately $75 on top of the outrageous taxes we already pay. We realize that times are tough, but we currently have a state investigation into the accounting procedures of our police department and this is no time to be giving them even more money when they can't account for the money they already have.

NFBS occassionally accepts submissions from readers. Rules for submissions are as follows:
  • Stories must be original and not the property of anyone else. Feel free to parody real news if so inclined, but try to have an underlying point to your story.
  • Stories must never include real names. Feel free to use the names already supplied in previous stories or just create ones of your own.
  • NFBS reserves the right to edit or reject any story submitted.
  • Submissions should be sent to Please include the word "Submission" in the subject line of your email.
  • And please indicate whether or not and how you'd like to be given credit for the piece. You may include a byeline, either real or fake. NFBS will protect your identity. If you're still paranoid (we don't blame you) there are some tools on the internet you can use to protect your anonymosity. My Trash Mail offers a free anonymous mail service, as does this website. Using those two services will prevent anyone from tracing your email IP.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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