Sunday, March 26, 2006

Clovers Rock!

There is one thing, and probably only one thing upon which all sides of Broken Springs agree. And that is the boy’s basketball team and their dream season.

This Saturday, the Broken Springs boys basketball team came within five points, 2½ baskets, of bringing home the State of Michigan’s Class C Championship. As a former Clover state runner-up (Softball, 1992), I personally know the exhilarating emotions our boys must be feeling. They are both proud and humbled, both grateful to have gone so far and disappointed that they came so close. Naturally, they are heartbroken.

But they needn’t be. Take it from someone who knows, fellas. The fact that you lost means nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s the fact that you proudly represented your community and gave your best effort that will speak volumes in the annuls of Broken Springs history.

My only regret in the ‘outing’ of this satire site is that the timing may have possibly taken away some of the attention from those athletes who more genuinely deserve it. The “Blog War” may continue, but let both sides never forget one thing:

The 2006 Clover Basketball team Rocks!

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